The Kybalion: The 7 Laws of the Universe

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For many years I’ve been drawn to the ancient wisdom of Hermeticism, a spiritual and philosophical tradition anchored in the teachings of the legendary sage Hermes Trismegistus. This tradition has always served as a guiding light for those in pursuit of truth.

Of the numerous texts that explore this deep-rooted tradition, the Kybalion stands out to me. It presents itself as a contemporary interpretation, providing a succinct overview that captures the core of Hermetic philosophy.

In one of my recent videos, I delved deep into the seven hermetic principles, which many refer to as the 7 laws of the universe. My aim was to offer viewers a thorough understanding of these eternal truths.

The Kybalion Summary: An Introduction

While the Kybalion isn’t formally recognized as part of the corpus hermeticum, it stands as a definitive summary of hermetic philosophy, authored by three initiates. This text acts as a guide for those keen on understanding the nature of reality from a Hermetic perspective. Central to the Kybalion are seven foundational principles of this age-old wisdom. Throughout the Kybalion, various quotes shed light on these principles, ensuring they resonate with readers from diverse backgrounds.

The Seven Hermetic Principles: The 7 Laws of the Universe

The Principle of Mentalism:

This principle posits that the universe is fundamentally mental. Every existence is a manifestation of the Universal Mind, with our individual minds being fragments of this vast entity.

The Principle of Correspondence:

Summarized by the renowned Kybalion quote, “As above, so below,” this principle underscores the interconnectedness of all entities. The vast macrocosm mirrors the intricate microcosm, and insights into one can reveal truths about the other.

The Principle of Vibration:

All in the universe is in perpetual motion, resonating at unique frequencies. By grasping these vibrations, one can modify and elevate their own vibrational state.

The Principle of Polarity:

Every element has its antithesis. Love and hate, light and shadow, warmth and cold – these are merely varying degrees of a singular entity. Recognizing polarity paves the way for equilibrium and harmony.

The Principle of Rhythm:

All in existence follows cyclical patterns, from the shifting of seasons to the ebb and flow of civilizations. Acknowledging these rhythms enables one to align with them, rather than resisting them.

The Principle of Cause and Effect:

Nothing is coincidental. Every cause spawns its effect, and every effect traces back to its cause. By internalizing this principle, one can consciously shape their reality.

The Principle of Gender:

Every entity possesses both masculine and feminine traits. Beyond mere biological distinctions, this principle speaks of the inherent energy qualities. Harmonizing these energies culminates in unity and completeness.

The Kybalion in the Contemporary Era

Though the Kybalion imparts age-old wisdom, its teachings resonate profoundly in today’s fast-paced world. Amidst swift technological progress and societal evolution, the principles delineated in the Kybalion offer a solid foundation for discerning the essence of reality. They reiterate the interwoven nature of all things, the significance of balance, and the might of deliberate creation.

Learning Ancient Wisdoms – My Pathways to Kybalion Teachings

For those of you drawn to the wisdom of the Kybalion, I’ve put together a selection of resources tailored just for you. Within the Tarot Mysticism Academy, I offer a deeper dive into hermeticism and how it applies to our daily lives.

One of my proudest creations is the course, “Hermetic Qabalah and Mystical Philosophy.” I’ve crafted it with care, aiming to help enthusiasts seamlessly weave these ancient teachings into their modern existence.


The Kybalion, with its seven hermetic principles or 7 laws of the universe, furnishes a blueprint for deciphering the universe and our role within its vast expanse. As we steer through the trials and triumphs of the 21st century, these eternal truths can guide us towards heightened wisdom, balance, and harmony.

Whether you’re a seasoned seeker or newly introduced to the realm of Hermeticism, the Kybalion promises profound revelations and transformative experiences.

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