Tree of Life: Binah into Geburah – Path 18

Zodiac Sign: Cancer – Cardinal Water

Hebrew Letter: “Cheth” meaning fence

Number: 7

Motto: “I Feel”

Light: mothering and protective (shell), feelings, inner world, insulation, loving, supportive, 

Shadow: defensive, vulnerable, fear of outside, dormancy

Key Themes of The Chariot Thoth Card

The Chariot in Thoth Tarot signifies victory, personal will, and authority. It’s about the self’s journey, overcoming life’s obstacles, and emerging successfully. The card depicts a charioteer, symbolizing the individual, driving a chariot pulled by two sphinxes, representing different aspects of the self, such as mind and body, working in harmony. 


The Chariot emphasizes the need for internal unity, aligning our thoughts, feelings, actions, and intuition with our spiritual purpose. Achieving this alignment allows us to move forward with clarity and purpose, like a chariot with all wheels moving in the same direction. The Chariot is a potent symbol of life’s journey, stressing the importance of inner unity and alignment with our higher self. By integrating all aspects of our being and connecting with our higher purpose, we can experience a deeper connection with the divine within ourselves and the universe.

The Fool's Lesson from The Chariot

Continuing his journey, The Fool encounters a warrior on a fast-moving chariot, pulled by two sphinxes wanting to go in different directions. The warrior swiftly pulls The Fool onto the chariot, explaining his task of controlling the sphinxes despite their conflicting desires. The Fool realizes these sphinxes symbolize the internal conflicts resulting from the union of The Lovers. He understands he must first master his inner conflicts, particularly between his mind and ego.


As the chariot speeds on, The Fool feels motivated by its perfect balance amidst disagreement. He faces a choice: stick to the familiar or move forward. The warrior teaches him that stagnation comes from no change, while progress brings balance and flow. Amazed at the distance and speed of his journey, The Fool realizes he has transcended the universe’s duality and the constraints of human nature.

Joe’s Divine Guidance: The Chariot in a Tarot Reading


Strength and determination drive you forward. Trust your instincts, stay aligned with your higher purpose, and find harmony within yourself.


Feeling stuck? Reflect on your goals, address inner conflicts, and regain focus. Progress may be gradual, but keep moving forward.

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Mystical Symbolism: Decoding The Chariot's Symbols

Image of The Chariot major arcana card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Chariot: Symbolizes our personality and serves as the vehicle for our soul’s journey.


Charioteer: Represents our higher self, holding the Holy Grail, which is made of Amethyst and associated with sexual alchemy, containing both male and female fluids.


Red Wheels: Symbolize Geburah, ruled by Mars, providing the driving force for the charioteer’s spiritual journey.


Blue Sky: Represents Nuit, the sky goddess, embracing the chariot and its journey.


Armor: Refers to the protective shell of a crab (Cancer), providing a layer of protection to the charioteer.


Crab on Helmet: Symbolizes the Cancer zodiac sign.


Visor covers face: According to Crowley, “no man may look upon his face and live,” signifying a profound transformation of perspective.


Meditative Posture: Reflects the charioteer’s internal focus on willpower and concentration.

Path 18 on the Tree of Life: Binah into Geburah

The Chariot is connected to the 18th Path on the Tree of Life, bridging Binah and Geburah. Binah is the realm of ‘form and structure’, while Geburah is the source of movement and spiritual impulse. The Charioteer’s journey represents the transition from form to movement, gaining awareness and breaking down limitations. This path is about understanding one’s place in the universe, navigating the world of duality through Geburah’s intensity.

The Chariot Hebrew Letter - Cheth

The Hebrew letter associated with the Chariot is Cheth, which translates to “Fence” or “Field”. This symbolizes the boundaries of the self and the personal space we create around us. The Chariot, in its essence, is a symbol of personal boundaries and the journey of the self within these boundaries.

Astrology Insights: The Chariot's Associations

The Chariot is primarily associated with the zodiac sign Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, symbolizing emotions, feelings, and intuition. The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, which adds a layer of mystery and subconscious influence to the interpretation of the Chariot.


Cancer is also related to the 4th House in astrology, which represents home and family, adding a sense of comfort and protection to the Chariot’s symbolism.