Tree of Life: Chesed into Tiferet – Path 20

Zodiac Sign: Virgo 

Number: 9

Hebrew Letter: Yod

Motto: “I Analyze”

Light:  purpose, perfection, purity, fulfillment, ethics, honest, practical

Shadow: self-sacrifice, perfectionism, criticism

Key Themes of The Hermit Thoth Card

The Hermit symbolizes the connection to the secret force and source of creation. It represents the realization of oneself as an integral part of the universe and the embodiment of the creative force that drives it. The main theme of this card is the intelligence of the universe, the mysteries of life, and the unspeakable bliss that comes from aligning one’s will with that of the universe.

The Fool’s Lesson from the Hermit

The Fool comes across a clearing and encounters a hermit sitting on a rock in deep meditation. The Fool finds himself extraordinarily intrigued at how tranquil The Hermit appears, so he walks up to him and takes a seat beneath the rock. He soon realizes his mind and body are in this same deep meditative state that The Hermit manifests. As he feels the pull of this trance, he suddenly hears the faint voice of The Hermit whispering in his mind. 


“Behold the immense expanse within, a realm awaiting exploration to truly understand oneself…” The Hermit says. 


The Fool is amazed to learn that the entirety of his inner world has the potential to be explored forever. He is filled with a sense of tranquility and ease as he makes note of how peaceful the mind becomes during this time of deep thought and mental reflection.

Joe’s Divine Guidance: The Hermit in a Tarot Reading


The Hermit in an upright position signifies a time of introspection and soul-searching. It’s about seeking inner guidance and wisdom, often through solitude and contemplation. This card encourages you to take a step back from the noise and distractions of the world to connect with your inner self.


The Hermit suggests feelings of isolation, loneliness, and withdrawal. It may indicate a time when you’re feeling disconnected from others or from your own inner self. This card in reverse can also suggest that you’re spending too much time in solitude or introspection, to the point where it’s becoming unhealthy or unproductive. 

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Mystical Symbolism: Decoding The Hermit's Symbols

Image of The Hermit major arcana card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Hermit: Symbolizes solitude and independence, reflecting the growth of inner wisdom through connection with one’s higher self.



Diamond Lantern: Represents Kether, the highest sephira on the Tree of Life, symbolizing divine light and wisdom. It also conceals the Hermit’s genitals, suggesting the use of spiritual light in creative ways.



Cerberus: The three-headed dog represents the tamed lower self, with each head symbolizing speech, thought, and action respectively.



Orphic Egg: Represents the individual’s subjective universe, with the Hermit looking into it for self-understanding.



Two Rays of Light: Separate from the lantern’s yellow rays, these white rays symbolize divine illumination.

Path 20 on the Tree of Life: Chesed into Tiferet

The Hermit’s path on the Tree of Life can be seen as a spiritual awakening. He starts in Chesed, a place of absolute allowance and mercy, and travels to Tiferet, the sphere of balanced human experience. This journey symbolizes the Hermit’s realization of his true nature: he is not separate from the creative force of the universe, but rather, he is that creative force. It’s like moving from a state of saying ‘yes’ to everything, to a state of discernment and equilibrium.

The Hermit’s Hebrew Letter - Yod

The Hermit is associated with the Hebrew letter “Yod,” which translates to “hand.” This letter is significant as it symbolizes the divine hand that created the universe, representing the source of all creation. Yod is considered the seed of the Hebrew alphabet, containing the essence or blueprint of all other letters, much like a seed contains the potential for an entire plant. 


In terms of human senses, Yod is linked to touch and sex, further emphasizing its connection to creation and life force. In the context of The Hermit, the letter Yod signifies the wisdom and knowledge gained from introspection and solitude, which forms the foundation for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Astrology Insights: The Hermit's Associations

The primary astrological correspondence of The Hermit is Virgo, the sign of mutable earth. Virgo symbolizes the virgin or fertile earth, representing the potential for growth and development. As a mutable sign, Virgo embodies the ability of the individual self to continually perfect, evolve, and grow. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, Virgo is associated with analysis, service, and practicality.


In the astrological house system, Virgo rules the 6th House of Service, which is about learning our role in the world and how we can best serve others. This aligns with The Hermit’s journey of self-discovery and his quest to illuminate the path for others.