Tree of Life: Hod into Yesod – Path 30

Planet: The Sun (Sol)

Number: 19

Hebrew Letter: “Resh” meaning head

Light: joy, success, celebration, positivity

Shadow: temporary depression, lack of success, negativity

Key Themes of The Sun Thoth Card

The Sun is a symbol of you, your life, light, and ego; it is your gravitational center of being and consciousness. This card signifies ultimate liberation and the coming together of all elements to form a unique point of view. It is the axle that organizes the whole unit, a realization of the one infinite life.

The Fool's Lesson from The Sun

When The Sun rises, The Fool notices how it burns so bright that the human eye is not able to take it all in at once. He then closes his eyes and pictures The Sun in his third eye. The Fool becomes filled with amusement as he notices all of the ways in which The Sun brings the earth its boundless abundance. He learns that it is The Sun reflecting on The Moon at night, giving The Moon its mystical glow. 


After learning this, The Fool realizes that he is the embodiment of The Sun, and as he comes to this realization he finally reaches enlightenment. The Fool learns that these very keys to enlightenment have been sitting with him since the start of his journey.

Joe’s Divine Guidance: The Sun in a Tarot Reading


When the Sun card appears upright, it’s a time of joy, success, and celebration. It’s a time to embrace your individuality and let your light shine. Celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy the positivity that surrounds you.


If the Sun card is reversed, it may indicate a period of temporary depression, lack of success, or negativity. It’s a reminder to not lose hope or let negative thoughts cloud your perspective. Remember, the sun always rises after the darkest night. Use this time to reassess your path and realign with your purpose.

Mystical Symbolism: Decoding The Sun's Symbols

The Thoth Sun Tarot Card represents disciplined integration, the joy and energy of life, the freedom of the soul, and the integration of opposites.

Image of The Sun major arcana card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Heru Ra Ha (Solar Disk): Represents the dual forms of the Egyptian God Horus. The central red rose symbolizes the union of Spirit and Matter as an updated form of the rose cross.


Twins: Represent the dual form of Heru-Ra-Ha. One twin is passive, associated with Kether, while the other is associated with Geburah and Tiphareth, symbolizing war and destruction.


Male and Female Children: The male child with red wings symbolizes Fire, while the female child with yellow wings symbolizes Air. Their butterfly wings represent the freedom of the soul.


Disks: The twins dance upon disks bearing the Tau Cross, symbolizing the old Aeon and Christianity.


Red and Yellow Wall: Represents the harmonious integration of the twins’ qualities.


12 Rays: Emanate from the solar disk, energizing the Zodiac Signs and the Universe. They separate the zodiac signs around the card edge into decans.


Rainbow Effect: Indicates the presence of water, connected to the raising of consciousness in Greek Mythology.


Green Mound: Symbolizes fertility, growth, abundance, and heightened spiritual states.

Path 30 on the Tree of Life: Hod into Yesod

On the Tree of Life, The Sun card signifies the path from Hod to Yesod. This path represents the logic and intellect of Hod pouring into the subconscious mind of Yesod. This card also refers to the pineal gland and the merging of reason (Hod) with the subconscious (Yesod). This balance is exemplified in figures like Jesus Christ, the perfected human “Son” of God and Sun.

The Sun’s Hebrew Letter - Resh

The Sun card is associated with the Hebrew double letter “Resh,” which means “head.” This letter symbolizes the organizing principle of any entity. The head is the center, just as the sun is the center of our universe. The double letter meaning of Resh is Fruitfulness and Sterility or Fertility and Barrenness, emphasizing the Sun’s role as a life-giving force.

Astrology Insights: The Sun's Associations

In astrology, The Sun card is primarily associated with the Sun itself, which rules Leo. The Sun, as the center of our solar system, symbolizes life, vitality, and the essence of self. Its association with Leo, a sign known for its warmth, creativity, and leadership, further enhances these themes.