Tree of Life: Yesod into Malchuth – Path 32

Planet: Saturn

Number: 21

Hebrew Letter: “Tav” meaning Signature 

Light: completion, integration, accomplishment, travel

Shadow:  lack of completion, lack of closure, stagnation, delay

Key Themes of The Universe Thoth Card

The Universe card in the Thoth Tarot deck symbolizes the final moment before merging into universal consciousness. It represents the ultimate moment of self-realization, a time of endings and limitations, but also a time of spiritual enlightenment. This card signifies the end of a journey, but also reminds us that every ending is a new beginning. 

The Fool's Lesson from The Universe

Here The Fool is faced with his final lesson. The Fool surfaces from the sacred gateway on the opposite end of the new Aeon, and shoots up into the cosmos above. His energy is full and harmonious, having reached the end of his journey. However, The Fool now knows that every end is a new beginning. 

In his fully enlightened mind, he pictures himself on the same cliff his journey began on. Looking over the cliff, he notices things he didn’t have the capacity to see before. He views his life with new eyes, feeling extraordinarily connected to the world around him, ready to begin anew.

Joe’s Divine Guidance: The Universe in a Tarot Reading


When the Universe card appears upright, it signifies the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one. It represents the ultimate moment of self-realization, a time of endings and limitations, but also a time of spiritual enlightenment. This card encourages you to embrace the completion of a phase or project, and to look forward to the new opportunities that this ending will bring.


If the Universe card is reversed, it may indicate a lack of completion or closure, stagnation, or delay. This card encourages you to confront these issues and to strive for completion and closure. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back from finishing what you’ve started. Remember, every ending is a new beginning, and stagnation is often just a pause before a great leap forward.

Mystical Symbolism: Decoding The Universe's Symbols

The Thoth Universe Tarot Card represents major transformation and enlightenment, the conquering of the physical world, and the transition into a new stage of life.

Image of The Universe (World in some decks) major arcana card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Maiden: Represents the final element of the Tetragrammaton. Her pose, similar to the twins in the Sun Tarot Card, symbolizes freedom. She stands on a cross, indicating mastery over the four elements.


Square of Light: Radiating from the maiden, it signifies her enlightenment and liberation from matter.


Serpent: Symbolizes the blind force of creation. The maiden’s foot on the serpent’s head suggests she has conquered the Universe and is free from material bondage. This kabbalistic symbol can be interpreted to mean the integration and transcendence of life, death, evolution and DNA.


Eye of Horus: Represents the Lord of the present Aeon, Heru-Ra-Ha. Ten rays emanate from the eye, symbolizing the elements of water, fire, and air.


Circle of Stars: Surrounds the Maiden and the Serpent, representing the body of Nuit. It has 72 feather-like emanations, linked to the SHEMHAMPHORASH ruling the zodiac’s 36 decans.


Green Disk: Represents earth, now illuminated in the New Aeon.


Whirling Shape in Centre: Contains an invisible Tree of Life where planetary energies radiate and energize matter.


Table of Chemical Elements: Symbolizes the building blocks of matter and the Maiden’s spiritual conquest of the Universe.


Kerubim: Represent the life cycle of man. The Lion symbolizes conception and birth, the Bull represents life’s mysteries, the Scorpion symbolizes physical death, and the Man represents the soul’s transmigration.

Path 32 on the Tree of Life: Yesod into Malchuth

On the Tree of Life, The Universe card signifies the path from Yesod to Malchuth. This path represents the drawing of the subconscious mind in Yesod into the physical reality of Malchuth. This path is the threshold of time and matter, symbolizing both the matrix and the transcendence thereof.

The Universe’s Hebrew Letter - Tav

The Universe card is associated with the Hebrew double letter “Tav,” which means “Signature,” “Sign,” or “Cross.” This symbolizes the signature at the end of a masterwork (the universe) and the cross, a symbol of matter. It represents dominion and slavery, the dual aspects of our existence.

Astrology Insights: The Universe's Associations

The Universe card is primarily associated with Saturn, the “greater malefic” and the farthest of the visible/classical planets. Saturn represents the limitation of the physical but complete world. 


Saturn symbolizes discipline, limitation, form, endings, solitude, age, respect, and inertia. However, it also represents depression, loss, sadness, burdens, and stubbornness. This association further emphasizes the themes of endings, limitations, and the transcendence of physical reality that are central to The Universe card.