Welcome to the exciting world of Thoth Tarot! If you’re here, you’re probably interested in the mysteries of the Minor Arcana. Well, you’re in the right place! This article is your gateway to understanding the Minor Arcana in Thoth Tarot, and we’ve even got a downloadable cheat sheet to help you along the way.

The Order of Tarot Suits in Thoth Tarot

In Thoth Tarot, the order of the suits in the Minor Arcana is Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks. This order is significant as it represents the journey from the spiritual (Wands) to the emotional (Cups), to the mental (Swords), and finally to the physical (Disks). This progression reflects the journey of the soul through different stages of development and experience.

Thoth Tarot Card Elements: Unlocking their Wisdom

Each suit in the Minor Arcana aligns with an elemental force: Fire for Wands, Water for Cups, Air for Swords, and Earth for Disks. These tarot elements are not just random associations; they represent different aspects of human experience and reality. 


Fire, symbolized by Wands, represents ambition, career, and creativity. Water, symbolized by Cups, is all about reflection, relationships, and emotions. Air, represented by Swords, is the realm of the mind, encompassing our thoughts, ideas, and intellectual pursuits. And Earth, represented by Disks, is about the physical world and material matters, from our health to our finances.

The Numbered Cards: A Journey from One to Ten

The journey through each suit encompasses ten numbered cards, from Ace to Ten. These cards represent different stages or aspects of their respective element. Understanding the numerological significance of each number enhances our comprehension of the cards’ unique energies and meanings.


The Ace (One) symbolizes new beginnings and untapped potential, marking the inception of a journey. The Two represents duality and balance, where ideas start taking form. The Three signifies growth and expansion, as concepts flourish and synthesis occurs. The Four brings structure and stability, establishing a solid foundation.


Moving forward, the Five presents challenges and change, testing our resilience. The Six fosters harmony and balance, restoring peace after upheaval. The Seven encourages introspection and assessment, allowing for necessary adjustments. The Eight embodies movement, change, and progress.


The Nine signifies attainment and fulfillment, reaping the rewards of efforts. Lastly, the Ten represents completion, culmination, and the end of a cycle.


Thus, the journey from Ace to Ten within each suit mirrors life’s journey, reflecting growth, challenges, balance, and ultimately, completion. It encompasses the ebb and flow of our own experiences, from triumphs to trials, shaping our personal paths.

The Court Cards: The Human Element

In addition to the numbered cards, each suit in the Minor Arcana also has four court cards: the Knight, Queen, Prince, and Princess. These cards represent different types of people or personalities, or they can symbolize different aspects of our own personality.


The Knight represents the fiery, passionate aspect of the suit. The Queen represents the nurturing, intuitive aspect. The Prince represents the intellectual, strategic aspect, and the Princess represents the youthful, energetic aspect. Each court card embodies the qualities of their suit and element, adding a human touch to the abstract concepts represented by the numbered cards.

The Minor Arcana in Readings

Now that we’ve explored the structure and symbolism of the Minor Arcana, let’s talk about how to use these cards in readings. The Minor Arcana cards can provide detailed insights into our daily lives, our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They can highlight our strengths and challenges, and they can offer guidance and advice.


When interpreting the Minor Arcana cards in a reading, consider both the suit (element) and the number or court card. For example, the Eight of Wands (Fire) might suggest swift action or rapid progress, while the Queen of Cups (Water) might suggest a compassionate, empathetic person or approach.


The Minor Arcana in Thoth Tarot is a rich and complex system of symbolism, offering a wealth of insights and wisdom. Whether you’re using the Tarot for self-reflection, guidance, or divination, the Minor Arcana cards can provide valuable perspectives and deepen your understanding of yourself and your life. And don’t forget, we’ve got a handy Minor Arcana cheat sheet available