Element: Water

Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra

Tree of Life: Kether

Light: fertility, productiveness, beauty, pleasure, happiness

Shadow: repressed emotions, infertility, irrational

The Root of the Powers of Water

The Ace of Cups invites us on a special journey within ourselves, where we can find amazing beauty and trust. This thoth card represents the powers of Water, the holy grail, and cup of babalon, which is the vessel of the holy spirit and  fire. Water and fire evoke a sacred marriage in this way. Thus, this card speaks of emotions and meaningful connections with others, which brings happiness and fulfillment to our lives.

Joe’s Divine Guidance - Ace of Cups



In the upright position, the Ace of Cups advises you to receive. A passive and peaceful approach is recommended. Prioritize self-care and self-love as you embrace vulnerability.


Allow yourself to feel deeply, take time for yourself, trust your inner voice, and pursue what brings you joy. By honoring your true self and nurturing meaningful connections, you will make a positive impact on both your life and the lives of others.

In the reversed position, the Ace of Cups shows that you are blocked from connection. Take the time to nurture your own emotional well-being and address any past traumas that may be hindering your ability to fully open up.


This is a journey of self-discovery and healing, and by tending to your own needs, you pave the way for greater emotional growth in the future.

Mystical Symbolism - Ace of Cups Thoth

"Image of the Ace of Cups in the Thoth tarot deck."

Black Sea of Binah – The black corners in the Ace of Cups represent the Black Sea of Binah, symbolizing the depths of our subconscious and the collective unconsciousness.


3 Circles on the Cup: The three circles on the cup can be interpreted as the first three sephira on the tree of life, known as the “supernals”. These may also be the 3 aeons taught by Aleister Crowley.


2 Lotuses –  The intertwined lotuses at the base of the cup represent the foundation of love.


Light of Kether –   The bright light on top of the card represents the light of Kether, filling the cup with the breath of life.

Reflections – The reflections of light on the card symbolize the overflowing potential of all forms of life and experience.

Tree of Life: Kether and the Ace of Cups

Like all Ace’s, The Ace of Cups is located in Kether, symbolizing unity and potential. Like Kether’s essence, the Ace of Cups holds untapped emotional potential for the Cups suit. It links Kether’s energy with emotions, marking the change from potential to feeling.


The Ace of Cups is connected to the world of Briah, known for pure emotion and intention. Briah arises from Atziluth, the realm of divine inspiration. While Atziluth sparks ideas, Briah engages with emotions. In contrast to the Ace of Wands’ fiery inspiration, the Ace of Cups channels water’s nurturing essence, embodying care, devotion, and the gentle aspects of creation.