Sign: 20° Gemini to 20° Cancer

Element: Water of Water

Tree of Life: Binah

Light: emotional wisdom, intuition, empathy, compassion

Shadow: emotional instability, illusion, secrecy

From Emotional Intensity to Emotional Wisdom

The Queen of Cups takes the passionate energy of the Knight of Cups and gives it reflective qualities, establishing a steady and sustainable expression of emotion. She is the embodiment of emotional maturity, where feelings are deep, steady, and reflective.

Joe’s Divine Guidance - Queen of Cups in a Tarot Reading



The Queen of Cups in an upright position represents a person deeply connected to their emotions and intuition. They possess empathy, compassion, and a profound understanding of others’ emotional states. They navigate emotions with grace and wisdom.

When the Queen of Cups appears reversed, it suggests emotional instability or a tendency towards secrecy. This can lead to confusion, misunderstandings, and a lack of emotional clarity. 

Mystical Symbolism - Queen of Cups Thoth

Image of the Queen of Cups in the Thoth tarot deck.

Rising Moon: The Queen of Cups sits before a large, rising moon, symbolizing intuition, femininity, and the cycles of nature. It represents her deep connection to the ebb and flow of emotions.

Shell with Fish: The Queen holds a shell in her left hand, representing the mother ocean and the capacity to hold the waters of life. Inside the shell, a fish stands on end, forming a trident pattern, symbolizing Neptune and his association with inspiration, intuition, and illusion.

Tree of Life: Binah and the Queen of Cups

In the Tree of Life, the Queen of Cups is associated with Binah, the third Sephirah, symbolizing understanding and the nurturing aspect of creation. The Queen of Cups aligns with this Sephirah as she embodies the nurturing force of emotions and feelings.

Astrology Insights

The Queen of Cups in the Thoth Tarot deck is influenced by the last decan of Gemini and the first two decans of Cancer. This combines the transitioning energy of Gemini with the nurturing and emotional qualities of Cancer. She possesses heightened spirituality and intuition, requiring a positive environment to fully express her nurturing nature.

Elemental Nature of the Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups embodies the watery aspect of water, combining depth, emotion, wisdom, and intuition. Her ability to navigate the depths of emotions brings healing and transformation to those she encounters.