Element: Water

Sign: 3. decan of Scorpio

Planet: Venus

Tree of Life: Netzach

Light: illusionary success, selfish dissipation, wrath, vanity

Shadow: distraction, waste, instant gratification

Lord of Debauch

The Seven of Cups, also known as the Lord of Debauch, is a card that speaks to the dangers of excessive indulgence in the physical world. It warns us of the illusions and temptations that can lead us astray from our true purpose. This card is about recognizing these negative patterns and taking steps to change them.

Joe’s Divine Guidance : Seven of Cups in a Tarot Reading



When the Seven of Cups appears upright, it suggests a time of illusion and temptation. It may indicate a period of excessive indulgence in the physical world, leading to a disconnect from your spiritual origins. This tarot card also suggests the need for transformation and the potential for reclaiming your power.

In its reversed form, the Seven of Cups may indicate that you are stuck in a cycle of negative moods or destructive coping mechanisms. It suggests a need for transformation and a re-channeling of your energy into positive pursuits.

Mystical Symbolism - Seven of Cups Thoth

Image of the Seven of Cups in the Thoth tarot deck.

Seven Cups: These represent the spiritual triad at the top and the material world below, symbolizing a material world cut off from its spiritual origin.


Poisoned Liquid: The thick, gloopy liquid in the cups symbolizes the poisoning of the waters of life due to stagnation.


Drooping Flowers: The flowers with their drooping, spotty petals represent a poisoning of the waters of life due to stagnation.

Dismal Sky: The dismal sky behind the card symbolizes the buildup of emotions that are not properly harnessed or expressed.

Tree of Life: Netzach and the Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups is associated with Netzach on the Tree of Life, which represents the emotions and the human imagination. This card embodies the dangers of emotional excess and the illusions that can lead us astray from our true purpose.

Astrology Insights

The Seven of Cups in the Thoth Tarot is associated with Venus in Scorpio. In astrology, Venus represents love, beauty, and desires, while Scorpio is known for its intensity, deep emotions, and transformative nature. 


This combination suggests an intense pursuit of love and meaning that often leads to the accumulation of physical possessions. It also implies the potential for deception in love and friendship, as one may become entangled in illusions and false promises.