Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini  

Element: Earth of Earth  

Tree of Life: Malkuth  

Light: fertility, productivity, nurturing, growth, potential  

Shadow: inertia, stagnation, lack of progress, materialistic

The Princess of the Echoing Hills

The princess of disks holds a mystical secret that takes years of practice to reach. It cannot be transmitted through words but through sustained practice. This is something you can learn in the Master Curriculum at the Tarot Mysticism Academy.


The Princess of Disks, also known as “The Princess of the Echoing Hills,” is one of the court cards in the Thoth Tarot. She represents the earthy aspect of the Earth element, symbolizing fertility, productivity, and new beginnings.  Like Mother Earth herself, she nurtures and supports growth in the world.

The Princess of Disks serves as the foundation of the material world, tending to ideas as they grow into strong and mighty trees. The Princess of Disks is both grounded and connected to higher realms, as she represents the merging of the earthly and spiritual realms. She shows us that we are part of something bigger and encourages us to unite ourselves with the universe.

Joe’s Divine Guidance - Princess of Disks in a Tarot Reading



When the Princess of Disks appears upright in a reading, it signifies a time of growth and productivity. This card encourages you to nurture your ideas and projects, to invest time and energy in their growth. It may also represent a person who is practical, reliable, and has the ability to bring ideas into reality. 

When the Princess of Disks appears reversed, it suggests a time of stagnation or lack of progress. It may indicate a period where you feel stuck or unproductive. This card reminds you to stay patient and keep nurturing your plans and ideas, as growth often takes time.

Mystical Symbolism - Princess of Disks Thoth

The Princess of Disks, representing a young woman, is a powerful card symbolizing the beginning of a significant process. This card represents fertility and the potential of life.

Image of the Princess of Disks in the Thoth tarot deck.

Pregnant Woman: The image of the pregnant woman symbolizes fertility, potential, and the promise of new beginnings. She represents the start of something significant, akin to the Fool or the Knight of Wands, signaling the birth of a whole new universe.


Trees: The trees symbolize growth and the cyclical nature of life. The Princess emerges from the trees, illustrating her connection to nature and the earth.


Yin/Yang Shield: The shield held by the Princess features a spiral of 36 petals, with a yin-yang symbol in the middle. The 36 petals relate to the 36 decans of the astrological wheel. They represent the unfolding of the mysteries of life and the cycle of growth and renewal.


Yin/Yang Symbol:The yin-yang symbol within the disk represents polarity and the interplay of opposing forces, reflecting the energies of Chokmah and Binah on the Tree of Life.


Spear with Diamond Tip: The spear carried by the Princess is topped with a diamond that radiates the highest and purest light. This diamond represents the divine and transcendent realm of Kether, the crown of the Tree of Life.


Crown: The Rams Head Crown worn by the Princess symbolizes the initiation and the beginning of a significant process. It relates to the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, signifying a fresh start and pioneering energy.

Tree of Life: Malkuth and the Princess of Disks

In the Book of Thoth, the Princess of Disks is associated with the sphere of Malkuth on the Tree of Life. Malkuth represents the physical world, the realm of material existence, and the manifestation of our desires and aspirations. As the Princess of Disks aligns with Malkuth, she brings the nurturing energy of Earth into the material realm, serving as a bridge between the spiritual and physical, infusing the everyday world with her nurturing energy.

Astrology Insights

The Princess of Disks in the Thoth Tarot deck is associated with Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. Aries ignites her energy for growth and transformation, while Taurus brings stillness and harmony. With the influence of Gemini, she gains adaptability and intellectual curiosity. 


This unique combination of astrological influences makes the Princess of Disks a practical, reliable, nurturing, and productive force in manifesting and nurturing practical endeavors in the earthly realm.

Elemental Nature of the Princess of Disks

The Princess of Disks represents the Earth of Earth, embodying the pure essence of the material world and the nurturing aspect of Mother Earth. She is the fertile ground where seeds are sown and nurtured. As the Earth Princess, she is the grounding, nurturing, and fertile qualities that bring life and abundance to the earthly realm.