Sign: 21° Sagittarius to 20° Capricorn

Element: Water of Earth

Tree of Life: Binah

Light: nurturing, abundance, practicality, reliability, prosperity

Shadow: materialistic, stubborn, overly cautious, resistant to change

Queen of the Thrones of Earth

The Queen of Disks, also known as the Queen of the Thrones of Earth, represents the nurturing power of abundance and the adaptability of nature. She symbolizes how the earth can flow and adapt to its surroundings. She has incredible intuition and uses her inner wisdom in practical ways. This sets her apart from the Prince of Disks, who uses logic instead of instinct.


As a stabilizing force, the Queen brings structure to the energy of the Knight of Disks. Seated on a stone throne, she shows her authority over the earth and her deep connection to the material world.

Joe’s Divine Guidance - Queen of Disks in a Tarot Reading



When the Queen of Disks appears upright, it means there is a time of abundance and nurturing. Embrace your practical side and let it lead you to success.

When the Queen of Disks appears reversed, it suggests a time of feeling stuck or being too focused on material things. Be careful not to be too cautious or resistant to change. This card reminds you to keep seeking growth and success, even when it feels difficult.

Mystical Symbolism - Queen of Disks Thoth

Image of the Queen of Disks in the Thoth tarot deck.

Helmet: Adorned with the Horns of Markhor, symbolizing wisdom and spiritual enlightenment and her attribution to Capricorn.

Goat: The goat is a symbol of the sun in Capricorn, representing fertility, calmness, and self-mastery. The goat’s high viewpoint symbolizes her ability to see the bigger picture.


Reptilian Armor:  This is a symbol of growth and renewal, indicating her ability to adapt and evolve.


Throne of Stone: The Queen is seated on a stone throne, signifying her practical and stable nature. Her actions, rather than words, are her primary means of communication.


Orb in Left Hand: The orb she holds in her left hand contains 13 interlocking rings. The number 13 is a reference to the 13th path on the tree of life, The Empress, mother earth. 13 is also the Death card, symbolizing the required transformation for her process of fertility.


Wand in Right Hand: The wand in her right hand represents her ability to manifest her goals and achieve inner growth. It symbolizes the fertility of the earth and the power of the sun.


Background: The background of the card shows a calm river flowing into a sandy desert, beginning to form an oasis. This suggests fertility and her ecosystem.

Tree of Life: Binah and the Queen of Disks

In the Thoth Tarot, the Queen of Disks is associated with the sphere of Binah on the Tree of Life. Binah represents understanding and form. As the Queen of Disks aligns with Binah, she brings the nurturing power of abundance and the practicality of understanding into the material realm.

Astrology Insights

The Queen of Disks in the Thoth Tarot deck is associated with the last decan of Sagittarius and the first decans of Capricorn.


Sagittarius, a fire sign, is known for its optimism, freedom, and philosophical nature. However, as this influence is from the last decans of Sagittarius, its energy is moving away from the optimism of Sagittarius towards the practicality and stability of Capricorn.


Capricorn, an earth sign, is associated with practicality, discipline, and ambition. This sign is known for its ability to plan and execute, traits that are embodied by the Queen of Disks. The Capricorn influence imparts a sense of practicality and ambition to the Queen of Disks, reinforcing the card’s association with nurturing and abundance.


The Queen of Disks combines the optimism of Sagittarius with the practicality of Capricorn. This unique blend of astrological influences contributes to the card’s representation of nurturing, abundance, and prosperity.

Elemental Nature of the Queen of Disks

The Queen of Disks embodies the watery part of Earth. Earth is associated with stability, practicality, and material wealth, and as the Queen, she represents the nurturing power of these qualities. She is like the water that nourishes the landscape, fostering growth and abundance with its persistent flow.