Element: Earth

Sign: 1. decan of Capricorn

Planet: Jupiter

Tree of Life: Chokmah

Light: change, balance, adaptability, cycles

Shadow: indecision amidst opportunity

Lord of Harmonious Change

The Two of Disks is also called the Lord of Harmonious Change. This title represents the nature of constant change and adaptation found in the Two of Disks. It signifies the shift from potential to reality by using pure material resources from the Ace of Disks.


The Two of Disks reminds us that life is a dance of change, and our ability to adapt and find balance amidst these changes is a testament to our strength and resilience.

Joe’s Divine Guidance - Two of Disks in a Tarot Reading



When the Two of Disks appears upright, it signifies a time of change and adaptation. It suggests that you are in a state of flux, navigating through the ups and downs of life. This card encourages you to embrace change, adapt, and find balance in your life. It is a reminder that change is a natural part of life and that we must learn to flow with it rather than resist it.

In its reversed position, the Two of Disks may indicate resistance to change or difficulty adapting to new circumstances. It could also suggest a lack of balance or harmony in your life. This card encourages you to embrace change and seek balance. It is a reminder that change is inevitable, and resistance only creates struggle.

Mystical Symbolism - Two of Disks Thoth

Image of the Two of Disks in the Thoth tarot deck.

Yin and Yang Symbols: The two yin and yang symbols represent the balance of opposing forces in the universe. 


Serpent: The serpent represents wisdom and understanding of the universe. It is depicted in the shape of an infinity sign, symbolizing the infinite cycle of change and renewal.


Octagonal Spots: The octagonal spots on the serpent represent the eighth sephiroth, Hod, symbolizing intention and will.

Crown: The crown with seven points represents Netzach, the seventh sephiroth on the Tree of Life, symbolizing love and desire.

Tree of Life: Chokmah and the Two of Disks

The Two of Disks is connected to Chokmah on the Tree of Life, symbolizing wisdom and the divine masculine energy. This connection with Chokmah represents the initial manifestation of energy, where the elements are in their natural state of balance and harmony, free from external influences.


The Two of Disks represents the process of channeling pure material resources from the Ace of Disks towards a specific objective, initiating the transformation from raw materials to tangible creation. Named the “Change” card, it highlights the belief that change is the foundation of stability.

Astrology Insights

The Two of Disks in the Thoth Tarot is associated with the astrology of Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is constrained by the practical and disciplined Capricorn, suggesting a balance between growth and practicality. This combination suggests the need for practical adaptation and disciplined growth amidst change.