Element: Fire

Sign: 3. decan of Aries

Planet: Venus

Tree of Life: Chesed

Keywords: completion, conclusion or rest after labor, willpower

Lord of Perfected Work

The Four of Wands signifies a time of completion and celebration, where we can fully embrace and enjoy life. It is titled the “lord of perfected work” by The Golden Dawn and “completion” by Aleister Crowley.


This card is connected to Chesed, the fourth Sephirah on the Tree of Life. This connection suggests that the card embodies the qualities of harmony, stability, and abundance.

Joe’s Guidance - Four of Wands - Thoth


The upright Four of Wands signifies a time of celebration, harmony, and stability. It suggests that you have reached a significant milestone or accomplished a goal. This accomplishment is likely related to your higher purpose. It’s time to rejoice and appreciate the fruits of your labor.


When the Four of Wands appears reversed, it indicates a need for reflection and reassessment. You may be facing challenges or disruptions related to work, higher purpose, or your calling. Take a step back and evaluate what needs to be completed.

Mystical Symbolism - Four of Wands in Thoth Tarot

4 of wands in thoth tarot

Circle with 8 spokes: The circle with eight spokes symbolizes completion and harmony.


Wands with Rams Heads: The wands with Rams Heads embody the strong will and assertiveness associated with Aries, the sign ruling the card. 


Wands with Doves: The wands with Doves represent harmony, peace, and the influence of Venus, the planet of love and beauty. 


Circle: The circle signifies the attainment of a goal or the culmination of a project, bringing a sense of achievement and celebration. It also symbolizes limitation.


Green Background: The green background symbolizes the energy of Venus, highlighting themes of love, growth, and abundance.


Yellow: The yellow in the circle represents the radiant and creative energy at play.

Tree of Life: Chesed and the Four of Wands

The Tree of Life provides a framework that helps us understand the energetic and spiritual aspects of the tarot cards. The connection to Chesed signifies the manifestation and solidification of the energies and intentions represented by the previous cards.


The placement of the Four of Wands in Chesed suggests that it carries the qualities of abundance and the harmonious expression of power and authority.

Astrology Insights

The Four of Wands in Thoth Tarot is associated with  Venus in the 3rd decan of Aries.  Venus represents love, beauty, harmony, and creativity, while Aries is a fiery and energetic sign associated with passion and assertiveness.