Element: Fire

Sign: 3. decan of Leo

Planet: Mars

Tree of Life: Netzach

Keywords: opposition and conflict, disorganized battle, individual effort, bravery

Lord of Valour

Known as the Lord of Valor, the Seven of Wands represents great courage and strength when faced with challenges.


Like all 7’s in Thoth tarot, the Seven of Wands has to fall from the state of harmony found in the Six of Wands, into imbalance, fantasy, and struggle.


This tarot card reminds us that life is ever-changing, and the equilibrium we experience in the six is not meant to be permanent.

Joe’s Guidance - Seven of Wands - Thoth


The Seven of Wands in an upright position signifies that you are facing challenges and obstacles that require you to tap into your courage and inner strength. 

Stand firm in your beliefs and convictions, and be prepared to defend what you believe in. Though the battle may not be easy, the victory will likely be yours. Is it worth it?


When the Seven of Wands appears in reverse, it suggests that you may be feeling overwhelmed or defensive in the face of opposition or competition. 


Focus on building inner resilience and maintaining a calm demeanor. Remember that challenges can be opportunities for growth and learning. Don’t react. Respond.

Mystical Symbolism - Seven of Wands in Thoth Tarot

7 of wands thoth card

Central Club: Represents a disruptive and unbalanced force in dealing with challenges. The crude weapon opposes the refined magical tools. Its color is amber turning to red, indicating the influence of Mars.


Caduceus Wands: The red color and the winged eye of Horus symbolize disrupted clarity caused by chaotic energy.


Phoenix Wands: The red ends of the wands signify a halt in progress and transformation due to difficult circumstances.

Lotus Blossoms Wands: Closed lotus flowers symbolize a lack of harmony and balance.

Tree of Life: Netzach and the Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands finds its place in the seventh sphere Netzach within the fiery realm of Atziluth. Netzach represents desire, emotion, and drive. In the thoth deck, this is expressed as frantic struggle. This is intensified by the suit of wands.

Astrology Insights

The astrology of the Seven of Wands is attributed to Mars in Leo. Mars represents courage, assertiveness, and the ability to take action, while Leo brings in qualities of passion, self-expression, and leadership. 


Together, they create an energy of strength and determination in the face of challenges, urging us to stand our ground and defend our beliefs.