Tree of Life: Chokmah into Tiferet – Path 15

Zodiac: Aries – Cardinal Fire

Number: 4

Hebrew Letter: “Heh” meaning window

Motto: “I Am”

Light: the self, will, courage, honesty, vitality, determination

Shadow: stress, adrenaline, combat, war

Key Themes of The Emperor Thoth Card

The Emperor in the Thoth Tarot symbolizes law, structure, rulership, and war, embodying the ideas of independence and self-realization. As the Son of the Morning, Chief Among the Mighty, he represents the self arriving on the scene, the beginnings of self-awareness. 


The Emperor is the surveillance of consciousness, the capacity to distinguish oneself and frame experience. He is the force that gives structure to the diverse relationships introduced by The Empress. The Emperor’s association with the number 4 further symbolizes stability, order, and regulation.

The Fool's Lesson from The Emperor

After The Empress teaches the Fool about the Divine Feminine, she tells him it’s time to learn about the Divine Masculine. The Empress leads the Fool into a castle where The Emperor is seated on a throne looking over his kingdom while the sun glistens behind him.


He walks up to the Emperor and makes a comfortable seat by the foot of his throne. The Emperor begins to teach The Fool about the significance of external and internal structures. He explains that by following the laws of nature we find a sense of knowing our most authentic self, and how to work in synergy with all of creation that we are a part of. The Fool stands up and realizes there is structure in everything, and that he has the power to control the structure within himself.

Joe’s Divine Guidance: The Emperor in Thoth Tarot


The Emperor, when upright, signifies authority, structure, and control. It’s a call to assert your will, establish order, and take charge of your life. This card encourages you to be confident, stand your ground, and lead with conviction.


The Emperor can indicate an abuse of power, rigidity, or inflexibility. It may suggest that you or someone else is being overly controlling or authoritarian. Alternatively, it could mean a lack of discipline or structure in your life.

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Mystical Symbolism: Decoding The Emperor's Symbols

Image of The Emperor major arcana card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Ram’s Head on Throne: Symbolizes the sign Aries, the astrological sign associated with the Emperor.



Two Red Eagles: Represent power, authority, and sovereignty.



Body’s Posture: Symbolizes sulfur, an alchemical symbol for transformation and purification.



Gaze towards the Red Sun and Eagles: Indicates the Emperor’s focus on power, authority, and enlightenment.



Turning away from the Lamb: The lamb, a docile creature, symbolizes innocence and gentleness, which the Emperor is turning away from, indicating his focus on authority and leadership.



Bees on Garment: Symbolize energy, industriousness, and sexuality, representing the Emperor’s ability to govern others, his leadership qualities, and the spreading of influence.



Orb with Maltese Cross: Held in his left hand and located over the naval chakra, symbolizes the Emperor’s creative energy and ability to govern.

Path 15 on the Tree of Life: Chokmah-Tiferet

The 15th path on the Tree of Life, known as the Emperor’s path, links the spheres of Chokmah and Tiferet.


Chokmah, positioned at the top of the Tree of Life, signifies the universe’s will and expansion. It’s a continuous source of raw, uncontrolled energy. This energy, however, requires direction and form.


Tiferet, the sphere of beauty, provides this direction. It represents our elevated consciousness, the optimal state of our human awareness. The energy from Chokmah, when it flows into Tiferet, is guided into our higher consciousness.


The Emperor’s path is about directing the universe’s raw energy into our higher consciousness. It involves self-realization, self-awareness, and understanding our role in the universe.

The Emperor’s Hebrew Letter - Heh

The Emperor is associated with the Hebrew single letter “Heh,” which means “window,” symbolizing the ability to show or reveal. This letter represents the surveillance of one’s home or inner self. The function of Heh is sight and reason, reflecting the Emperor’s ability to perceive and understand.

Astrology Insights: The Emperor's Associations

The Emperor’s primary astrological correspondence is Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, governing the 1st House of Personality. Aries, a cardinal fire sign, is a symbol of self-proclamation and will. It is ruled by Mars and its exaltation is the Sun, reflecting the Emperor’s fiery energy.