The Major Arcana of the Thoth Tarot hides age-old secrets and universal truths. But what if you had a map to navigate its depths? Our specially crafted Major Arcana cheat sheet is that map—a beacon for your spiritual journey. Dive deeper, interpret with clarity, and let the cosmos speak more clearly through the cards. Enhance your readings and let the Major Arcana truly come alive. Destiny awaits; are you ready to unlock it?

Introduction to Thoth Tarot

The Thoth Tarot, a brainchild of Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, is a unique tarot deck that stands apart from other tarot decks. Created in the 20th century, it embodies Crowley’s beliefs and knowledge of the occult, making it a rich and complex tool for divination and self-exploration.

Understanding the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana, also known as the “Greater Secrets,” is a crucial part of the Thoth Tarot. Comprising 22 cards, each card in the Major Arcana represents a significant life event or stage in a person’s spiritual journey, often referred to as “The Fool’s Journey.”

The Structure of the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana in the Thoth Tarot consists of 22 cards, each representing a significant stage in the spiritual and psychological journey known as The Fool’s Journey. The cards are not randomly ordered but follow a specific progression that mirrors this journey:


The Fool (0): The Fool represents the beginning of the journey, embodying innocence, spontaneity, and potential.


The Magus (1): The Magus symbolizes skill, wisdom, and the power of communication.


The Priestess (2): The Priestess stands for intuition, mystery, and the subconscious mind.


The Empress (3): The Empress signifies fertility, abundance, and motherhood.


The Emperor (4): The Emperor represents authority, structure, and control.


The Hierophant (5): The Hierophant symbolizes tradition, conformity, and moral guidance.


The Lovers (6): The Lovers stand for love, harmony, and relationships.


The Chariot (7): The Chariot signifies willpower, determination, and victory.


Adjustment (8): Adjustment represents balance, justice, and fairness.


The Hermit (9): The Hermit stands for introspection, solitude, and guidance.


Fortune (10): Fortune symbolizes luck, destiny, and turning points.


Lust (11): Lust represents passion, strength, and inner power.


The Hanged Man (12): The Hanged Man signifies surrender, letting go, and new perspectives.


Death (13): Death stands for endings, transformation, and new beginnings.


Art (14): Art represents harmony, balance, and the blending of opposites.


The Devil (15): The Devil symbolizes temptation, materialism, and playfulness.


The Tower (16): The Tower signifies sudden upheaval, chaos, and revelation.


The Star (17): The Star stands for hope, faith, and rejuvenation.


The Moon (18): The Moon represents illusion, fear, and the subconscious.


The Sun (19): The Sun signifies joy, success, and celebration.


The Aeon (20): The Aeon stands for judgment, rebirth, and inner calling.


The Universe (21): The Universe represents completion, integration, and accomplishment.


Each link will take you to a detailed article about the corresponding Major Arcana card, providing a deeper understanding of its symbolism, meaning, and role in the Thoth Tarot.

The Major Arcana and The Tree of Life

In the Thoth Tarot, the Major Arcana cards correspond to the 22 paths on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Each card represents a path connecting two sephiroth (spheres) on the Tree, symbolizing the various stages of spiritual development and the challenges one may encounter along the way.

The Major Arcana and Astrology

Each Major Arcana card in the Thoth Tarot is associated with an astrological sign, planet, or element. These associations enrich the meanings of the cards, adding layers of complexity and depth to their interpretations. For instance, The Emperor is associated with Aries, symbolizing leadership and initiative, while The Hermit is linked to Virgo, representing introspection and wisdom.

The Major Arcana and Hebrew Letters

The Major Arcana cards in the Thoth Tarot are also associated with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter carries specific symbolic meanings in the Kabbalah, which Crowley incorporated into the cards. For example, The Fool is associated with the Hebrew letter Aleph, symbolizing the beginning and unity, reflecting The Fool’s role as the start of The Fool’s Journey.

Final Thoughts on the Thoth Tarot's Major Arcana

The Major Arcana in the Thoth Tarot is a powerful tool for understanding life’s spiritual journey. Its rich symbolism and deep connections to various esoteric systems make it a fascinating subject for study and a profound guide for introspection. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot reader or a curious beginner, the Thoth Tarot’s Major Arcana offers a unique and insightful perspective on life’s mysteries and challenges.