Tree of Life: Tiferet into Yesod – Path 25

Zodiac: Sagittarius – Mutable Fire

Number: 14

Hebrew Letter: “Samekh” meaning Tent Peg

Motto: I See/Go

Light: expansion, new awareness, unfamiliarity, openness, curiosity

Shadow: over-trusting, gullible, hastiness

Key Themes of The Art Thoth Card

The Art tarot card in the Thoth deck signifies integration, healing, and recovery. It represents the process of integrating what was destroyed in the Death card, symbolizing the cycle of destruction and renewal. 


The core theme of this card is the exchange and integration of opposites into something larger, prompting us to consider what tensions exist in our lives and how they can be resolved or integrated.

The Fool's Lesson from The Art Card

While walking, The Fool is suddenly met by a bright light and what appears to be an angel. He gently approaches the angel and finds her continuously pouring two cups of liquid together, creating the most beautiful pool of water he’s ever seen. He notices how she is managing to accomplish this without spilling a single drop. 


The Fool can’t help but ask her how she is doing this. She replies by explaining to him that when she combines these liquids in moderation with patience and understanding, it mixes to create something transcendent and beautiful. The Fool walks off feeling inspired knowing that emotions are fluid, and that letting them flow together will bring him a life of great pleasure.

Joe’s Divine Guidance: The Art Card in a Tarot Reading


When the Art card appears upright in a reading, it signifies a time of integration and harmony. It’s about finding balance, blending opposites, and creating something new. This card encourages you to embrace change, adapt, and find the middle ground in situations.


In the reversed position, the Art card suggests a lack of balance or harmony. It may indicate that you’re struggling to reconcile differences or integrate aspects of your life. It’s a reminder to seek balance and be patient with the process of transformation.

Mystical Symbolism: Decoding The Art Card's Symbols

The symbols convey spiritual growth by blending opposites, implying that alchemical purification and reintegration lead to enlightenment and harmony.

Image of Art (Temperance in some decks) major arcana card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Zodiac Opposites: Art, opposite the Lovers Card in the zodiac, represents the alchemical marriage’s reintegration and harmony, contrasting the Lovers’ separation pain.


Elemental Opposites: The Androgyne pours water and fire into the cauldron, symbolizing the integration of these elemental opposites.


King and Queen: The figure in the Art card is a fusion of the Empress and Emperor, symbolizing the integration of subconscious (Moon) and conscious (Sun) energies. The robe’s bees and serpents decoration represents male and female energies’ integration.

Lion and Eagle: Their colors have been interchanged from the Lovers Card, symbolizing the union of fire and water elements.


Artemis/Diana: The central figure, the Moon Goddess, represents fertility with her green color and the Sun in the heart region.


Lamen on Breastplate: The Lamen of 6 spheres in her heart region represents the integration of the masculine and feminine.


Rainbow: The rainbow on the breastplate and in the background represents the purification process’s product in the cauldron.

Path 25 on the Tree of Life: Tiferet into Yesod

On the Tree of Life, the Art card signifies the path from Tiferet to Yesod. This path represents the link between consciousness (Tiferet) and subconsciousness (Yesod). The journey along this path involves changing the subconscious mind to align with the conscious mind, creating possibilities and journeys through the balance and opposition of forces. The Art card, therefore, symbolizes the process of merging opposites to allow for expansive exploration, both physically and spiritually.

The Art Card’s Hebrew Letter - Samekh

The Art card is associated with the Hebrew letter “Samekh,” which means “Tent Peg” or “Prop.” This symbolizes support, reflecting the supportive role that the Art card plays in our spiritual journey.

Astrology Insights: The Art Card's Associations

The Art card’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign known for its flexibility, curiosity, and light. Sagittarius is represented by the bow and arrow, symbols of opposing forces working together to enable a journey. This association enhances the themes of integration, balance, and exploration in the Art card.