Tree of Life: Binah into Tiferet – Path 17

Zodiac: Gemini – Mutable Air

Number: 6

Hebrew Letter:  “Zayin” meaning weapon

Motto: “I Perceive”

Light:  perception, listening, transmission, multiplicity, points of view, curiosity

Shadow: contradiction, confusion, tension, distraction, no progress

Key Themes of The Lovers Thoth Card

The Lovers in the Thoth Tarot symbolizes choice, separation, and splitting. The card represents the division of any entity into more entities, or ideas splitting into more ideas.


The main theme of this card is the universe creating itself by dividing into more units of consciousness. It’s all about relationships and the splitting of unity into duality. The Lovers card shows options and separation, but ultimately, it’s about the potential for union.

The Fool's Lesson from The Lovers

Moving along, The Fool ends up in a courtyard surrounded by all of the people he has just met during his journey. It appears that everyone has gathered here for a grand wedding. The Fool finds himself a seat, and realizes this is the Great Union of the Emperor and Empress. The Fool notices how they each complement and empower the other, making the greater whole better than the sum of its parts. 


As this sacred matrimony continues, The Fool finds an incredible sense of wonder in learning how all of these opposing archetypes can come together in harmony and celebration, solely because of the power of love. He is amazed and filled with delight to realize this harmony of opposing forces exists within himself as well.

Joe’s Divine Guidance: The Lovers in a Tarot Reading


When the Lovers card appears upright, it signifies love, harmony, and partnership. It suggests a choice to be made, often involving a love relationship. This card encourages you to find balance and unity, and to make decisions with your heart.


The Lovers card can indicate imbalance, disharmony, or a difficult decision. It may suggest a relationship that is out of balance or a choice that is causing stress. This card encourages you to reassess your relationships and decisions, and to seek balance and harmony.

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Mystical Symbolism: Decoding The Lovers Symbols

The symbols in the Lovers Thoth Tarot card revolve around themes of unity, polarity, fertility, opposites, spiritual nature, and the alchemical process of reintegration.

Image of The Lovers major arcana card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Hooded Figure: The Hermit officiates the marriage, symbolizing the creative power of the universe and fertility.


Emperor and Empress: Representing gender and polarity, they wear crowns of the sun and moon, with robes symbolizing fertility and the cycle of life.


Framework of Swords: Swords above signify air and division.


Lance and Cup: Allude to the gnostic mass, a public ritual of the O.T.O.


Red Lion and White Eagle: Symbolize fire and water, representing alchemy and sex magic.


Orphic Egg: Signifies high spiritual nature and the union of the King and Queen, and the pattern of creation through opposites.


Cupid: Blindfolded, Cupid embodies unconscious desire for unity and directed will.


Concealed Bow: Connects with the Art Card, symbolizing the alchemical reintegration process.

Path 17 on the Tree of Life: Binah-Tiferet

The Lovers card is connected to Zain’s path on the Tree of Life, which runs from Binah to Tiferet. Binah represents “Understanding” and the form of the divine, while Tiferet symbolizes “Beauty” and the highest aspect of humanity.


The Lovers card serves as a bridge between these two spheres, guiding the divine energy from the Great Mother (Binah) to its manifestation in the world (Tiferet). It represents the inspiration and aspiration towards higher forces, encouraging us to trust our intuition and seek guidance from the divine.

The Lovers Hebrew Letter - Zayin

The Lovers is associated with the Hebrew single letter “Zayin,” which means “sword” or “weapon.” This symbolizes the concept of cutting or separation, which is a central theme of The Lovers card. The function of Zayin in this context is smell and discernment, reflecting the Lovers’ role in making choices and discerning between different options.

Astrology Insights: The Lovers Associations

The Lovers’ primary astrological correspondence is Gemini, the mutable air sign of the twins. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, symbolizes discourse, information, curiosity, and relationship. It rules the 3rd House of Communication, symbolizing learning and language. This association reflects The Lovers’ theme of communication and relationship.