Tree of Life: Netzach into Yesod – Path 28

Zodiac: Aquarius – Fixed Air

Number: 17

Hebrew Letter: “Heh” meaning Window

Motto: “I Know”

Light: hope, inspiration, creativity, serenity

Shadow: despair, lack of faith, disillusionment, discouragement

Key Themes of The Star Thoth Tarot Card

The Star card in the Thoth Tarot deck represents the most cosmic idea of love, embodied by the deity of Nuit, the symbol of infinite space and infinite potential. This card is about trusting in what is true to you and embracing change through search and investigation. It’s a card of hope, promising unseen things and unexpected help. The Star card signifies the quest for truth and the infinite possibilities realized in the human species.

The Fool's Lesson from The Star

Standing at the base of the crumbled tower from the previous card, The Fool is amazed to see a big bright star illuminating the ruins. Taking a closer look, The Fool uses his third eye and finds a strange angel floating above The Star.


The Fool notices she is taking the light energy from The Star and is using it to nurture the earth below. The Fool’s heart immediately feels warmer and incredibly serene as he learns he too has the power to use the light of his higher consciousness to illuminate and nurture his lower consciousness. At this very moment, The Fool finally learns that he is but a small piece in the vastness of the universe.

Joe’s Divine Guidance: The Star in a Tarot Reading


When the Star card appears upright, it’s a call to trust in your path and embrace the changes ahead. Seek truth, explore your potential, and let creativity flow. This is a time of hope and inspiration, so harness it to fuel your dreams and aspirations.


If the Star card is reversed, it’s a signal to confront your fears and doubts. You may be feeling discouraged or lacking faith in your journey. It’s crucial to reconnect with your inner light, regain hope, and trust in the process of change. Don’t let disillusionment cloud your vision.

Mystical Symbolism: Decoding The Star's Symbols

Image of The Star major arcana card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Golden Cup: Symbolizes limitless potential and divine energy. The woman, Nuit, pours it onto herself, ensuring the continuation of the infinite universe.


Blue Seven-pointed Star of Venus: Represents universal love. The number seven is linked to Venus, the ruler of the seventh sephiroth, Netzach.


Silver Cup: Associated with the Moon and illusion, it symbolizes the Holy Grail’s blood. As energy manifests in the world, its purity diminishes.


Star of Babalon: Located in the upper left corner, it signifies Babalon, who is the terrestrial form of Nuit.


Globe: Represents the universe, with the Star of Venus spiraling out to fill it.


Five Butterflies: Symbolize liberated souls, free from the constraints of mind and matter, having traversed the Abyss on the Tree of Life to reach the Supernal Triangle.


Three Red Roses: Represent fertility and are associated with Venus and Love.


Sea of Binah: The formless sea from which the Universe manifests, subtly present in the background.


Pyramid City: The distant city, home of Enlightened Souls, reached after crossing the abyss.

Path 28 on the Tree of Life: Netzach into Yesod

On the Tree of Life, The Star card signifies the path from Netzach to Yesod. This path represents the desires of Netzach becoming a major motivation for the subconscious mind in Yesod. Netzach represents “I want this,” and Yesod responds with “let’s do it.” Yesod stands for hope, regeneration, healing, self-improvement, and cleansing. It’s the subconscious mind working for our values and our choice to move forward in the direction we want.

The Star’s Hebrew Letter - Heh

The Star card is associated with the Hebrew single letter “Heh,” which means “window.” This letter is symbolic of the feminine supernal mother and daughter of the tetragrammaton, further emphasizing the themes of love and infinite potential in The Star card.

Astrology Insights: The Star's Associations

In astrology, The Star card is primarily associated with Aquarius, a fixed air sign. Aquarius is always looking for progress, embodying the roles of navigators, searchers, and problem solvers. This association enhances the themes of search, investigation, and progress in The Star card.