Sign: 20° Libra to 20° Scorpio

Element: Air of Water

Tree of Life: Tiphareth

Light: intense passion, power, wisdom, intensely secret, calm, imperturbable

Shadow: subtlety secret, violence, craft, reckless, selfish

The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters

The Prince of Cups, also known as the Prince of the Chariot of the Waters, represents the airy aspect of water. This combination of elements symbolizes the mind’s ability to shape and direct the flow of emotions. 


The Prince of Cups is a figure of deep thought and introspection, using the power of the mind to navigate the depths of the emotional realm. He is a figure of emotional depth and intellectual prowess, capable of deep emotional understanding and profound introspection.

The Prince’s Journey

The Prince takes the Queen of Cup’s deep emotional understanding and reflects upon it, turning feelings into thoughts, and emotions into ideas. This transformation signifies the wisdom that comes from understanding and navigating the depths of emotions. The Prince of Cups represents the stage of the journey where emotional experiences are processed, understood, and integrated on a mental level.

Joe’s Divine Guidance - Prince of Cups in a Tarot Reading



When the Prince of Cups appears upright, it means the person is highly connected to their emotions and intuition. They are empathetic, understanding others’ feelings well. However, they should be careful not to let their emotions control them too much, and they may have a tendency to keep secrets or create illusions.

When the Prince of Cups appears reversed, it suggests that the person may struggle with emotional instability or keep things hidden. This can cause confusion and a lack of clear emotions. It’s important to avoid being overly idealistic or unrealistic in certain situations.

Mystical Symbolism - Prince of Cups Thoth

Image of the Prince of Cups in the Thoth tarot deck.

Chariot Ride: The Prince of Cups is shown riding a chariot through a lake in the rain and stormy weather. This represents the mix of air and water, making strong waves and rough conditions. The Prince enjoys this combination and eagerly explores the sensations it brings.


Eagle-Pulled Chariot: The Prince’s chariot is pulled by an eagle, a symbol related to Scorpio. It shows that the card represents change and growth. The eagle stands for bravery, strength, and trusting your instincts. This reflects the Prince’s determination to face the world with courage and awareness.

Lotus Blossom: The lotus is turned downwards while the prince gazes into the cup from which a serpent rises. This represents an aspect of scorpio, but also the turning away from intuition for the choice of intellect.

Tree of Life: Tiphareth and the Prince of Cups

In the Tree of Life, the Prince of Cups is connected to Tiphareth, which represents beauty and balance. The Prince embodies the harmony between emotions and intellect, navigating deep feelings with understanding and grace.

Astrology Insights

The Prince of Cups is connected to two zodiac signs: Libra and Scorpio. He rules over one decan of Libra and two decans of Scorpio in astrology.

Libra is an air sign that values fairness, harmony, and thinking things through. On the other hand, Scorpio is a water sign known for its deep emotions, intensity, and understanding. The Prince of Cups represents the transition from Libra’s balanced thinking to Scorpio’s emotional depth.

Elemental Nature of the Prince of Cups

The Prince of Cups represents the airy part of Water. Water brings depth and emotion, while Air brings intellect and communication. This means the Prince can understand and express emotions effectively.