Element: Water

Sign: 3. decan of Pisces

Planet: Mars

Tree of Life: Malkuth

Light: fulfillment, completion, overindulgence, instability, change

Shadow: emptiness

Lord of Satiety

The Ten of Cups, also known as the Lord of Satiety, represents complete fulfillment. It urges us to seek deeper fulfillment within ourselves to discover our true purpose for lasting happiness. The transition from the Nine of Cups to the Ten of Cups represents a shift from personal fulfillment to a deeper sense of collective happiness and emotional abundance. 


This card reminds us that relying solely on external factors for happiness is insufficient; true fulfillment comes from exploring our inner selves and finding profound meaning beyond life’s simple pleasures.

Joe’s Divine Guidance : Ten of Cups in a Tarot Reading



When the Ten of Cups card appears upright, it suggests a time of fulfillment and satisfaction. You may have achieved all you’ve desired, but this card prompts you to ask whether these achievements bring you true happiness.

In its reversed form, the Ten of Cups may indicate overindulgence or a sense of dissatisfaction despite having everything you’ve wanted. It suggests a need for introspection and reevaluation of your desires and values.

Mystical Symbolism - Ten of Cups Thoth

Image of the Ten of Cups in the Thoth tarot deck.

Ten Lotus Stems: These represent grounding in the physical world and the pleasure derived from worldly experiences.


Cups Shaped Like Aries: The shape of the cups represents the influence of Mars, adding a warlike, disruptive energy to the card.


Red Flowers: The deep red flowers forming the symbol of the Tree of Life also represent the influence of Mars.’

Red Background: Symbol for Mars in Briah

Tree of Life: Malkuth and the Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups is associated with Malkuth on the Tree of Life, which represents the physical, manifested universe. This card embodies the culmination of desires in the physical world, but also suggests the need for transformation and the flow of energy to new areas of growth.

Astrology Insights

The Ten of Cups in the Thoth Tarot is associated with Mars in Pisces. Mars represents war and disruption, while Pisces is associated with deep emotions and transformation. This combination suggests a tension between fulfillment and the need for change or transformation.


The water element, which is prominent in the suit of cups, also resonates with the zodiac sign Pisces. Water symbolizes emotions, intuition, and the subconscious. The influence of Mars in this watery realm suggests the potential for both harmonious emotional fulfillment and the disruptive energy that can come from the need for transformation.