Sign: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Element: Earth of Fire

Planet: Venus

Tree of Life: Malkuth

Light: enthusiasm, individuality, vigor, energy, impression of beauty

Shadow: shallow, false, angry, reactive, cruel, unreliable, faithless, domineering

Princess of the Shining Flame

The Princess of Wands in Thoth Tarot has the esoteric title of “Princess of the Shining Flame”. The Princess of Wands represents the physical form of the fiery thoughts and ideas from the Prince of Wands. She embodies the earthy side of fire, taking shape in the real world as a result of the Prince’s thinking.

In the realm of the Tarot, the Princess of Wands holds a significant place as she combines the dualistic chariot, which serves as her mental vehicle. This chariot is formed by the merging of the horse from the Knight of Wands and the throne from the Queen of Wands. It is through this fusion that the Princess emerges, representing the physical result of the Prince’s thinking. This is symbolized by her figure standing, her body alone, with no vehicle.

Joe’s Guidance - Princess of Wands - Thoth


When the Princess of Wands appears upright in a reading, it signifies a time of swift and passionate energy. Embrace the fullness of your enthusiasm and allow it to drive you forward. You may find fun and loud characteristics showing up in others. 


This card encourages you to express yourself freely and fearlessly. Follow your inspirations and pursue what ignites your passion.


When the Princess of Wands appears reversed in a reading, it suggests angry and impulsive reactions. Be cautious of reckless behavior that may lead to negative outcomes. 


This tarot card reminds you to temper your enthusiasm with patience and thoughtfulness. Look inward and assess whether your actions align with your long-term goals and values.

Mystical Symbolism - Princess of Wands in Thoth Tarot

Within the Mystical Symbolism of the Princess of Wands, her passionate nature may sometimes manifest as superficial and theatrical, captivating others with her dramatic expressions.

Image of the Princess of Wands in the Thoth tarot deck.

Elemental Nature of the Princess of Wands

The Princess of Wands embodies the earthy part of fire. Fire is associated with passion, energy, and creativity, and as the Princess, she represents the physical manifestation of these fiery qualities. She is like the fuel or earth that has the potential to erupt with intense emotions such as anger, passion, or lust. 


The Princess of Wands carries the transformative power of fire, capable of bringing about change and igniting new beginnings. Her energy is dynamic and vibrant, urging us to embrace our passions and unleash our creative potential. 


However, it’s important to remember that like fire, she can be flammable and may require grounding and tempering to avoid becoming overwhelming or destructive. The elemental nature of the Princess of Wands reveals how her fiery disposition can lead to spasm of mood.

Princess in flame: The Princess is depicted standing within a vibrant flame, representing her choice to turn away from the mundane and embrace her passions and inspirations.

Sun Wand: The wand held by the Princess of Wands features 30 rays, referencing the path of Resh and the Sun trump in the Tarot. This wand symbolizes her energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. 

Nakedness: The Princess is depicted as being naked, signifying her fearlessness in fully expressing herself.

Tiger: The presence of a tamed tiger by her side represents her courage and fearlessness. Tigers are known for their strength and ferocity, and by taming this powerful creature, the Princess demonstrates her ability to harness her wild instincts and channel them constructively.

Five roses on altar: The altar before the Princess is adorned with five roses, symbolizing the passion of the five senses ignited by the element of fire. 

Alter: The golden altar features two rows of ram heads, representing the balance of day and night during the spring equinox. It symbolizes her connection to the transformative power of the Sun.

Crown: The Princess wears a crown with ostrich plumes, symbolizing justice and the daughter of adjustment. It reflects her unique sense of justice and potential for vengefulness and cruelty.

Tree of Life: Malkuth and the Princess of Wands

In the Thoth Tarot, the Princess of Wands is associated with the sphere of Malkuth on the Tree of Life. Malkuth represents the physical world, the realm of material existence, and the manifestation of our desires and aspirations.


As the Princess of Wands aligns with Malkuth, she brings the fiery energy of passion and creativity into the material realm. She serves as a bridge between the spiritual and physical, infusing the everyday world with her heated desire. 


The presence of the Princess of Wands in Malkuth signifies the importance of grounding our passions and desires in practicality. It encourages us to bring our creative visions into concrete manifestation and to align our actions with our inner fire.

Astrology Insights

In astrology, the Princess of Wands is associated with Venus in Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Venus brings charm, beauty, and a desire for harmony. Leo adds sexuality, passion, and a creative drive to her personality. Virgo contributes a sense of perfectionism and attention to detail. Cancer provides the Princess with a form or vehicle to channel her energy and turn it into something tangible.


With this combination, the Princess becomes a character who is not only passionate and energetic but also charming and harmonious.